Launching the new BBA International accreditation program

By August 5, 2016General

Hey Guys, Me again.

So since my last blog I’ve spend about 7 nights at home in my own bed. Fortunately 2 weeks of that was a holiday with friends in a beautiful villa in the sun.  Recharging the batteries before the storm of Christmas.

The rest of the time I was in Toronto launching the new BBA International accreditation program. What’s this I hear you ask? Well, I think this is one of the most exciting things to happen in the barbering industry in a while.

So the BBA are getting enquiries from people and organisations all over the world about raising standards in Barbering in their own country. This is because British Barbering is the best in the world, no questions, why? Because we have the best and most thorough training system in place in the UK. Believe it or not. You should see some of the training that goes on in some of the countries that I have been too. It’s not good, trust me!!!!

The BBA have set up a very comprehensive and thorough training program to be delivered Internationally working from the new barbering NVQ standards in the UK.

Currently in Canada EVERYONE who wants to train as a Barber must first do their cosmetology License in Hairdressing which takes 1450 hours of training, only then can they do the training for Barbering, which as it stands is a 70 hour program. How good do you think they are after a mere 70 hours of training?

So with the growth in barbering the same in Canada as it is in the UK, they want to overhaul the training and get a qualification that is fit for purpose, much more comprehensive and best of all, International, it is recognised in the UK.

I delivered the training to the teachers over a five-day intensive course; they were all experienced barbers and teachers already. The course was amazing and every tutor passed their own assessments in both practical and delivery of the skill. They must have had a great teacher, lol.

The new course they will be delivering is approximately 400 hours and is light years ahead of the current system they have in place.  This is just the first of many BBA international centres that are planned for 2016 and beyond. Each accredited centre will receive training from one of the BBA educators every 6 months and ongoing to keep the standards of work and delivery to the BBA standards.

I was in Toronto for 9 days in total, delivered the full 5 day BBA accreditation program, 4 evening seminars in Barber shops, 3 single day seminars in salons and all that with a helping of jet lag thrown in for good measure. Oh Joy!!!!

So for all of you out there that think traveling all over the world is good its not, its amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Keep your eye out for my next blog all about the Level 4 Male Grooming Qualification.

So until then my friends……………… Bonjour !!!! lol.