Erik Lander is one of Britain’s best Hairdressing & Barbering Educators, With over 30 years experience in the industry delivering seminars around the globe.
Coming from a family of hairdressers who have built up an excellent reputation within the UK industry has given him a strong and secure support base. This base has provided an underpinning knowledge of the craft, which he has then expanded with Continual Professional Development.

Erik started his career in the family salon with an intensive 5-year apprenticeship and Basic qualifications, after completing his L3 Hairdressing and Barbering, Licentiateship (LCGI), teaching, assessing and internal verifier units. Working his way through the ranks to eventually become a partner in the business. At this point Erik ventured into external training and education.

Education is paramount to progression and Erik became the 1st Educator in Britain to gain the Level 4 Male Grooming Qualification & the Level 4 Womens Styling Qualification along with being the first person ever to be awarded both the Master Craftsmens In Hairdressing and Master Craftsmens in Barbering by the Hair/Barber Council.

As well as being the creative driving force behind the family salon Erik delivers education for Habia, he gained promotion from Skills Team member to Skill Team Art Director which he held for 2 years. Not one for standing still he then achieved the next goal and became Habia’s International Educator/Skill Team Manager. He held this post for 6 years before securing his current role as Habia Education Director. He is lead tutor and IV for both the Level 4 Male Grooming & Level 4 Ladies Styling qualifications offered by Habia & VTCT.

At the same time as starting his career with Habia Erik also embarked on his long standing relationship with product manufacturer Goldwell and KMS, delivering both the Classic Ladies cutting and Fundamental Mens Barbering for the last 16 years. Erik has a passion for in-depth Education to the highest level, his philosophy is “its all in the detail”, breaking each and every aspect down to an easy to understand level.

Erik is as Master Educator for the British Barbers Association, Having been hand picked to be part of the BBA education team for promoting and raising the standards of barbering tuition throughout the UK and Internationally and is the head assessor for the BBA international Accreditation program.
In 2015 Erik became Global Education Ambassador for Sensei Shears in California educating stylists on the ergonomics and health benefits of the latest scissor technologies on the market today.
Erik’s detailed approach to education has taken him around the world inspiring hairdressers and barbers in Europe, Asia, Australia, America and Canada. Regularly working along side industry greats such as Chris Foster, Patrick Cameron, Andrew Barton, to name but a few, Erik shares their philosophy in technical perfection, going into great detail when delivering education, Erik’s knowledge and inspiration is second to none.

Erik says, “Hairdressing and Barbering was always the career for me. I knew I could be running my own business by the time I was 25, the opportunities available through my skills are limitless. As a Hairdresser/Barber I travel overseas regularly, work at the cutting edge of fashion and get to meet interesting people all the time. No two days are ever alike, there is always something new to learn and I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

“Working with companies such as Goldwell, Habia, British Barbers Association and Sensei gives me the Support, Facilities and opportunity to give something back to our amazing industry, you won’t find a better place to get education exactly the way you want it as all our training is bespoke to you.”