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By August 5, 2016General

Hey guys, ok so the BBA have asked me to do a blog every couple of weeks for them so first things first, who am I ?

Erik Lander, I’ve been cutting hair now for about 30 years, I work and teach both barbering and hairdressing, I work as an educator for: BBA, Goldwell, Habia, VTCT, Sensei Scissors, Barber Council and my own company Erik Lander Education.

I’m really passionate about education and know it’s the key to success in an every evolving industry like ours.

Having worked and educated all over the world, with some of the best names in the industry I’ve seen some things in my time.   Good and Bad!!!

This year I’ve been all over the UK teaching and fortunate to educate over seas too, its been a fairly mad year for travel having been to Ireland, New York, Orlando, Toronto, Germany, Holland to name but a few.

2016 is looking even busier with Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Orlando, Dubia, Mumbai, Delhi, Toronto booked so far. The wife aint happy, lol.

In my blog ill be sharing some of these stories with you, how the trips go and probably having a proper rant at times no doubt.

So just a short one to introduce me and what you can expect over the next year or so.

That’s it from me today,  so in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger,

“See you later”  lol !